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Vaninight eau de parfum transports you to the tale of 1001 Nights, like an enchanting walk through the desert. At the heart of the fragrance is an original vanilla absolute that wraps you in a cashmere embrace. A floral amber and almond accord add a touch of sensuality. This fragrance recalls a pure and luxurious drop of vanilla.

Complementary notes: pink pepper oil, black pepper oil, rhum, mimosa accord, jasmine accord, tonka bean absolute, amber molecule, sandalwood.

Vaninight is a clean and alcohol-free fragrance. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturizing base, made from a new generation molecule, produced from organic, ethical, and responsible sugar cane, offers more sensorial qualities and nourishes your skin throughout the day.


Ingredients: aqua (water) • pentylene glycol • parfum (fragrance) • caprylyl glycol • glycerin • coumarin • limonene • benzyl benzoate • linalool • benzyl salicylate

Vaninight comes with its sample so that you can try it at home without having to open the bottle. You can then return the perfume with complete peace of mind.

We also offer you a sample of Source1 which is both the basis of all Hermetica fragrances but also a perfume in its own right.


While vanilla is a familiar spice, how many know that it hails from an orchid, one of the few of the some 30,000 species to produce a fruit with such a beloved flavour and scent? Tied to the pleasure of our first olfactory experiences, it is like a memory in the rough. Cultivated in Madagascar, vanilla is handled with great care and processing the pods involves many stages. The vanilla absolute chosen by Hermetica transports us back to the Arabian Nights, a thousand and one moments filled with enchanting memories.


It's a time when anything goes, darkness invites daring, in search of a buried treasure, a single beat in the heart of the night. Vaninight stirs this hidden and more intense emotion. When the children are sleeping and vanilla becomes a privilege; the pleasure of a thousand and one nights. Awaken the golden part of this fruit imbued with a unique aromatic power, and to make the moment last, embrace a floral amber and almond accords bathed in nocturnal sensuality.

Discover a new way of fragrance wearing

with Vaninight

Our unique alcohol-free formula, offer fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. A velvety scented skin !

1) Spray perfume on skin and on pulse points
2) Rub fragrance on skin and feel the molecules merge
3) Admire the scenteds himer and velvety skin
4) Give an extra pinch of citrus by layering the Source1 enhancer

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Customer Reviews

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Marica Santi


I love this scent!

This is my favorite perfume from this brand - a warm, enveloping, sensual fragrance!

I love this scent!

This is my favorite perfume from this brand - a warm, enveloping, sensual fragrance!


I am very happy, Vaninight is so beautiful !

Christin Collins
Fantastic Experience

I love this scent. It manages to be both subtle and lasting at the same time. It was delivered promptly and showed up in beautiful packaging. 5 stars!

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