Our emblematic fragrances to discover
the world of Hermetica Paris

Our emblematic fragrances to discover the world of Hermetica Paris

Join the dance and enjoy a discount voucher for your next purchase!

Join the dance and enjoy a discount voucher
for your next purchase!


Eau de parfum

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25 €

Discover most of our fragrances from home with this set of samples - and once you've fallen in love with one of our perfumes, use your voucher on the purchase of a "full-size" bottle.

This discovery set of 7 samples 1.5ml includes:

REDMOON Leather Eclipse
JADE888 Precious Soft Gem
PEONYPOP Sweet and Radiant
AMBERBEE Honey Sweet Rush
Vibrant and Vertigo
Sweat Heart

SOURCE1 Opening Elixir

Your Discovery Set will include a discount voucher of 25€ to be applied on the purchase of the "full size" bottle of your favourite perfume. To use the voucher, simply enter the code when ordering your perfume.

Hermetica Paris continues its commitment to the environment with this Set environmentally friendly: it is made of recycled paper and is 100% recyclable.

This Discovery Set is composed by clean and alcohol-free fragrances. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturizing base, made from a new generation molecule, produced from organic, ethical, and responsible sugar cane, offers more sensorial qualities and nourishes your skin throughout the day.



Redmoon eau de parfum is a composition full of contrast and mystery, orchestrating the unique encounter between the...

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Jade888 eau de parfum evokes images of dense foliage and tangled vines, prolific and untamed, like the lush forest of...

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Peonypop eau de parfum is a bouquet of pink flowers. The osmanthus absolute and peony accord bring a sweet presence...

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The eau de parfum Amberbee is an intense and fine perfume, delicately wrapped in myrrh oil. This multifaceted fragrance...

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Verticaloud eau de parfum strikes like thunder. This mystical scent uses precious materials: rose oil and oud oil. The note of this dark...

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Figfever eau de parfum chooses to highlight a fig leaves accord, to reveal all the freshness of a composition, such...

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Source eau de parfum forms the very core of the Hermetica brand and its Prima Accord. It is both the base of all the...

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Discover a new way of fragrance wearing

with this Discovery Set

Our unique alcohol-free formula, offer fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. A velvety scented skin !

1) Spray perfume on skin and on pulse points
2) Rub fragrance on skin and feel the molecules merge
3) Admire the scenteds himer and velvety skin
4) Give an extra pinch of citrus by layering the Source1 enhancer

Share with the world your fragrant secret!

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Amy Anderson
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Received within days.
In Love

Love all these scents. - a lot has to do with the base. Ordered samples of some of the other scents.

NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: Nice packaging, good scents
Great versatile scents

I enjoyed all the scents, they are wearable, so even if I don't go for a full bottle, it's still great experience and I'll use up all the samples

Anna Grecia
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: The scents and presentation are just amazing!
Improvements: You have done everything to perfection!
Just perfect!!!

All the scents were wonderful,well crafted and i wish i could purchase all of your creations!

Ivana Tesanovic
@ivanasfragrancevoyage feel free to follow on IG

It was such a delight to explore this collection. All samples were beautiful. The presentation is so lovely. You should see that book!

Hard choice!

Hermetica is amazing. The hardest part is picking a scent, bc they ALL smell amazing in their own way! The sample kits are a perfect way to narrow it down, live w it, see if it works well w your body chemistry. They also make fantastic gifts! I'd buy them all, but so far I've had PeonyPop (♡×5) and ordered figfever! Now that I ordered that, I'll probs order Jade888, bc I've gotten so many compliments. I love how they mix together and create their/your own unique scents. As my Granny said " You'll never regret good jewelry and exquisite perfumes."

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