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Bloomtea gives pride of place to ingredients named by colour: a precious White Lavender, more feminine and delicate than its blue sister, an extract of Green Tea, aromatic and fresh, an absolute of Damask rose, sensual and refined, and an enveloping white Musk. This spirited, floral dance paints the colourful picture of an endless spring.

1.5ml | Eau de parfum with natural spray

BLOOMTEA Sample Eau de Parfum - Hermetica Paris
BLOOMTEA Sale price5 €


Fulfilment. The miracle of blossoming. Seeing nature come to life – that moment when it rises up, unfolds and opens with joy – never ceases to amaze. Bloomtea is the olfactory expression of this floral burst, featuring an ingredient known as the white gold of Provence. Softer and more nuanced than classic lavender, with facets of jasmine, hay and flax, it is accompanied by an absolute of Damask rose to reach a unique floral apogee.


With leaves that have a wide variety of benefits, this plant offers perfumers a treasure trove of possibilities once harvested. Here, the art of drying produces a green tea extract with a purity that heightens the majestic quality of white lavender, adding a woody, green and slightly smoky freshness.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Marquez
NPS score:
0 (Not at all likely)
10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: The perfume is great
Improvements: Tell U.K. residents about the import tax and that they can avoid this by buying from the U.K. distributor.
Wonderful Perfume

If you are in the U.K. buy from Harvey Nicolls not from Paris as you’ll have to pay an additional £40 import tax.

Dear Steve,
Thank you for your review. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed Bloomtea fragrance.

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding the additional import tax and if this information was not clearly stated at the moment of purchase. Please note that we ship our products from France, so there is a possibility of potential charges for orders shipped outside of the EU. This information is also stated in our Q&A section for customers to reference.

Hermetica Paris team

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10 (Extremely likely)
Likes: E

Im addicted to this perfume. It smells delicious.

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