La danse d'un

parfum sur la peau


Hermetica was launched in 2018 thanks to the desire and conviction of Clara and John Molloy, willing to initiate a new way to experience and make perfumes. As close as possible to the skin, like an olfactive dance, combining the best of nature and science with a break through formula present in each composition. Fragrances able to perfume and hydrate at the same time, both long-lasting, clean and alcohol-free, like a true gesture of beauty aware of the environment.

Fragrance and skin are close friends. Wearing a perfume starts with a nice gesture addressed to your body. Like a personal dance, that makes you feel good thanks to the magic of scent. Even more with Hermetica and its unique alcohol-free formula, offering fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. Considering its special formula, Hermetica perfumes have this property to be more hydrating than others, and apply on the skin, they merge with it, follow its curves, dance with it. 

That is how we imagine Hermetica. Like an olfactive dance that allows you to feel better. That gives this feeling of freedom so pleasant and satisfying to your body.



The secret of this hydration is contained in a new generation of green molecule, produced according to a patented process from bagasse - sugarcane stalk residue from which the juice has been extracted - obtained in an ethical and responsible manner. It offers a greater sensorial quality to the formula, acting as a co-emulsifier and solvent. The skin is light, nourished, and smooth at the same time. For a velvety scented effect.


Hermetica is taking further step torwards sustainable and green fragrance creation with a pledge to plant one tree with every fragrance sold online.

Hermetica s'est associé à Planète Urgence, l'organisation française à but non lucratif de défense de l'environnement, pour financer la plantation de plus de 5 000 arbres à Madagascar et en Indonésie. Avec chaque achat, vous soutiendrez des programmes de reforestation dans ces régions.


Les arbres sont un élément vital de l'écosystème de notre planète. Non seulement ils fournissent de l'oxygène, mais ils emprisonnent également les gaz à effet de serre nocifs, filtrent notre eau, stabilisent le sol, constituent un habitat pour la faune et la flore sauvages et sont une source cruciale d'emplois, d'énergie et de nourriture source. La plantation de 5 000 semis d'arbres, cultivés pendant dix ans, permettra de capturer environ 300 000 kg d'émissions de dioxyde de carbone, ce qui équivaut à 39 millions de smartphones chargés, 700 barils de pétrole consommés ou 1 207 008 km parcourus par un véhicule de tourisme moyen.


“We are extremely proud to be partnering with Planète Urgence on its plant a tree program,” said John Molloy, president and co-founder of Hermetica.“ By giving back through such important schemes, we are not only taking conscious steps to reduce our impact on the environment, but we also hope to encourage everyone to do the same.”

“Planète Urgence aims to plant 10 million trees before 2023 on its programs of reforestation thanks to its financial partners. Each project aligns with an action to benefit humans and socioeconomics activities linked to reforestation,” said Thomas Boisserie, chief executive, Planète Urgence.