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Milky caramel candy • Vanilla Absolute • Tonka Bean

With Tonkandy, welcome to a world of unctuous delights, childhood memories and gourmandise. The powdery warmth of the Tonka Bean envelops the Vanilla absolute in a suave and irresistible signature. A fragrance that is both gourmand and evanescent, thanks to the Milky Caramel Candy note, like a melting confectionery. A cloud on the skin.

Top: Bergamot essence, Cinnamon leaf essence, Black pepper essence
Heart: Milky caramel candy, Geranium essence, Davana essence
Base: Vanilla absolute, Tonka bean, Musk

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Tonkandy is a clean and alcohol-free fragrance. Its formula offers the perfect alchemy between perfume and skin, with a long-lasting effect. Its moisturizing base, made from a new generation molecule, produced from organic, ethical, and responsible sugar cane, offers more sensorial qualities and nourishes your skin throughout the day.


Ingrédients : Aqua (Eau) - Pentylene Glycol - Parfum (Fragrance) - Caprylyl Glycol - Glycerin - Sodium Citrate - Limonene - Linalool - Eugenol - Citronellol - Geraniol - Citral

Tonkandy comes with its sample for you to try the fragrance at home without having to open the bottle. You can then return the perfume with complete peace of mind.

We also offer you a sample of Source¹ which is both the basis of all Hermetica fragrances but also a perfume in its own right.


La fève au secret de coumarine, aux facettes d’amande et de caramel, habille ce parfum d’une aura onctueuse et poudrée. Cette graine complice, contenue dans le fruit d’un arbre brésilien, le teck, s’entend à merveille avec l’absolu de vanille de Madagascar, pour un bis de chaleur et de sensualité, qui enveloppe la composition.


Quitte à succomber, quoi de plus irrésistible qu’un bonbon ? L’accord Candy milky caramel rappelle une douceur d’enfance, une confiserie crémeuse qui fond dans la bouche, danse avec le palais, en laissant une impression légère comme un nuage. Elle ajoute une touche de gourmandise à ce parfum au charmant potentiel d’addiction.

Discover a new way of fragrance wearing

with Tonkandy

Our unique alcohol-free formula, offer fragrances softer for the skin, body friendly, that give a feeling of purity, energy and freedom. A velvety scented skin !

1) Spray perfume on skin and on pulse points
2) Rub fragrance on skin and feel the molecules merge
3) Admire the scenteds himer and velvety skin
4) Give an extra pinch of citrus by layering the Source1 enhancer

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Customer Reviews

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I requested a free sample to test out. The company refused. I actually like the scent. I would have appreciated better customer service. Thanks!

Great fall fragrance!

This fragrance genuinely reminds me of a milky caramel candy. It makes me so nostalgic. There is a bit of spice from the cinnamon and the black pepper in the opening, but it’s subtle and doesn’t take over the fragrance. As it dries down, there is slightest bit of powderiness to it.
I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for the fal!

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